Mission & Vision



“When two people meet, something good should result for a third.”

— The Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory


The establishment of the Chabad Jewish Center is guided by the idea that there should be a place whose doors are open to every Jew, regardless of background or affiliation. Our hope is that our programs will become gates through which a person can meet new people, make meaningful connections and be inspired to do more good.



To create a space where every Jew in St. Charles County feels at home.



An inspired and engaged St. Charles Jewish community.


The Landas

Rabbi Chaim and Bassy Landa were married in New York in 2016, and have two daughters; Chaya and Mussia. They are a dynamic couple who have been involved in Jewish education and outreach for most of their adult lives.

Rabbi Chaim was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, where his parents, Rabbi Yosef and Shiffy Landa founded Chabad of Greater St. Louis, Chabad’s umbrella organization in the region. He studied in yeshivot in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York and Israel, and in 2012 received his rabbinic ordination from Israeli Chief Rabbi and Chairman of Yad Vashem, Rabbi Israel Meir Lau.

Rabbi Chaim’s experience in family programming and Jewish outreach has brought him to Belgium and Ukraine, and a little closer to home in McAllen, Texas and Springfield, Missouri. Most recently, he has served as the associate director of media relations at Chabad-Lubavitch Headquarters in New York.

Bassy was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. After graduating from Beit Chana High School, she attended Machon Shoshanat Seminary in Jerusalem, Israel, where she completed her early childhood and teacher training.

The third of seven siblings and the mother of two, she has a special knack for engaging and communicating with children in a fun and enriching way. She also has many shared interests with moms. Bassy’s passion for teaching led her on a six year teaching career at Emek Hebrew Academy in Los Angeles and Bnos Chomesh High School in New York.

Rabbi Chaim, Bassy and their two children Chaya and Mussia are excited to be settling in St. Charles and humbled by the warm welcome. The Landas are working hard to develop a warm and welcoming center where every Jew will feel at home, regardless of background or affiliation.


St. Charles County

St. Charles County, Missouri is one of the fastest-growing and most affordable counties in the United States. Nearly 6,000 Jews live in the county, including a large percentage of families with young children.

Since 2007, Chabad of Greater St. Louis has delivered numerous programs to this community, including its "Roving Rabbis" visitation program during the summer and Passover seasons. The “St. Charles Jewish Festival,” held in mid-August of last year, attracted some 100 adults and children, and “Chanukah on Main Street” brought together more than 300 people. Something special is taking place in St. Charles County, and the best has yet to come.

5,800 Jews live in the county

With a population of 395,504 St. Charles is home to large employers including General Motors, Citi, MasterCard and Boeing.

41% of Jewish households have at least one child living at home

The county represents nearly10%of all Jews living in the St. Louis region