Being Jewish in St. Charles

Being Jewish in St. Charles is a storytelling project with the goal of sharing first-person stories and photographic portraits featuring Jewish people in St. Charles County in the style outlined by “Humans of” projects. We hope to highlight the diversity, individuality, and unique experiences of Jewish citizens living and working in our county. This project brings awareness of the local Jewish community and its unique history and culture. Being Jewish in St. Charles provides an intimate look into the hearts and minds of Jews in St. Charles County. 

Our Team

Bill Motchan
Lead Storyteller & Photographer
Lindy Drew
Storytelling Editor
Tyler Curtis
Social Media Editor
Rabbi Chaim & Bassy Landa
Chabad Jewish Center of St. Charles County

St. Charles Jewish Community

According to the most recent community study, there are an estimated 5,800 Jews living in St. Charles County, and 41% of Jewish households in the county have at least one child living at home. In 2019, Rabbi Chaim and Bassy Landa co-founded the Chabad Jewish Center of St. Charles County, with the goal of creating a space for every Jew to express their faith, regardless of background or affiliation.

Today, there's a growing Jewish presence with Shabbat and Holiday celebrations, children's programming and adult education classes. Among the community's flagship programs is the St. Charles Jewish Family Network, a series of offerings designed to serve all members of the young family, individually and collectively. Last year's St. Charles Jewish Festival attracted more than 1,000 people and Chanukah on Main Street brought together more than 450 participants. 

To learn more about the Jewish Community of St. Charles County and to support the important mission of Chabad, click here.